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Hybrid solutions

Why Hybrid?

Marine applications are often characterized by a surplus of installed engine power. Why? Engine power is dimensioned in such a way that the vessel can operate safely under the most severe conditions. In other words: Engine power is matched at highest possible power demand.
For normal “every day” operation, the installed engine and generator power is therefore over-dimensioned. A typical load profile will show the larger part of the engine running time at part load combined with incidental spikes of higher peak power demand.

Low engine load results in low exhaust temperatures and higher specific fuel consumption. Due to the low exhaust temperatures, the usage of exhaust after treatment systems will be complicated.

A Hybrid powertrain is THE solution for the typical application as described above. Average low power demand can be generated by a downsized diesel engine-generator unit, whereas a battery can assist instantly when power demand is high. Specific fuel consumption is optimal, since the downsized engine will run at a higher average load profile.

The electrical propulsion provides silent smooth running and excellent maneuver-ability. The battery power capacity can be optimized to both required peak power and duration of higher power demand. Average exhaust temperatures will be higher, which enables after treatment systems to perform optimal.

Footprint will be smaller and more flexible in installing, noise will be less. Maneuver-ability is excellent. Emissions and fuel will be significantly lower. The future starts today.

Why NPS Diesel ?

NPS Diesel and John Deere have a long history in providing robust high quality marine applications. 
For Hybrid applications, John Deere Electrical Systems developed Heavy Duty power inverters, necessary to convert AC into DC and DC into AC again. These conversions are required to connect the AC alternator to a DC battery and to connect this battery to a AC electrical propulsion machine. These key elements, together with the generator, batteries and the electrical machine are the building blocks for the complete hybrid powertrain.

NPS Diesel can provide all the necessary building blocks that create the complete hybrid powertrain, including the essential control – monitoring system. For battery solutions, there  are numerous options. NPS Diesel will assist and advise in making the right solution, and will therefore act as your system supplier.

As a an additional option NPS Diesel can provide optimized and proven after treatment solutions for both PM and NOX reduction, IMO 3 ready. The cleanest powertrain is born!

What makes Hybrid work ?

The success of a Hybrid powertrain is in the detail. Only the optimized engineered hybrid powertrain will deliver what is targeted upfront. Getting there is not just a matter of picking components. THE optimal design is THE fundament for success. The right combination and dimensioning of hardware and control strategy is key. The control system will focus on energy management and will optimize the usage of all key components in such a way that energy consumption is minimized. The integrated approach is provided by NPS Diesel.

NPS Diesel invites you to go sailing with a clean hybrid solution!
The future is today.

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